Due to its location, Kastro Lilaias is the best place for your escape from everyday life with a multitude of activities throughout the year.
It is the ideal place for winter sports lovers, since it is really close to the Parnassus ski center (20 kilometers through Ano Souvala, 30 kilometers through Amfikleia, 37 kilometers through Eptalofos).
A pine tree forest spreads across the hotel, in the shadow of which there are a basket and a volley court of full size and night lighting and a fully equipped playground as well.

For the lovers of hunting, the area is rich in preys (wild boars, birds, bunnies), as for the climbers and hikers, there is a number of routes with more impressive the course Kakorema – Mparoutospilia – Fterolaka – Pournari and the national path E4, which connects Eptalofos with Delphi. Of course, beyond the above there are countless paths for which you can be informed from a special guide. You can also climb on specially designed slopes and more.
You can also get a taste of the village’s offer at the National Resistance, visiting the relevant museum that is housed in the home of ELAS captain Diamantis.
The village still retains many of its traditions. At Christmas you can attend the lighting of the Christmas tree in the central square of the village.
In Apokries you can dress up in a costume, stand beside the great fire that we light up in the square and taste the traditional grilled sausages and wine offered there. You can also try the traditional bean soup on Kathara Deutera that is made in large cauldrons in the central square.
At Easter you can follow the Epitaph around the village and attend the Resurrection at the central church. After the Resurrection, you can taste the traditional mageiritsa in our hotel, where the red eggs and the roasted lamb will be waiting for you on Easter Sunday.
In the summer, the Lilaia Cultural Athletic Club, organizes basketball tournaments (3on3), Karagiozis Shadow Theater and a special feast on 15 August.

In the surrounding area there are plenty of places to visit during your stay. On the way to Amfissa, 3 km far from Lilaia, you will meet the traditional settlement of Mariolata and another 5 km away you will find Gravia, where you can visit the historical, of the 1821 revolution “Hani of Gravia” that operates daily. It is worth seeing the representation of the battle of Hani, which takes place every year in May. The next day visitors can watch a parade of students, as well as traditional dance clubs performing, army and scouts marching, all accompanied by a band.

15 km from Lilaia and towards Amfissa lies the traditional village of Variani. Continuing at 19 km from Lilaia and specifically on the 51st km of Lamia-Amfissa National Road, you can visit Fokida’s Mining Park “Vagonetto”, a thematic park unique in the Greek area, which gives the visitor the opportunity to see the mining process of bauxite step by step. For our hotel guests a special discount (-20%) applies to their mining tour.

Choosing the route from Gravia to Lamia (48km), we meet the settlements of Kastellia at 12km and Brallos at 15km. Pavliani is worth visiting in a distance of 30km, where there is a beautiful park in the heart of nature. In this park you will find many fun games as well as the artistic element.

Continuing to Lamia, there is the monastery of Damasta and Eleftherochori, near Kallidromos Lake. Approaching even more towards the city of Lamia, there are the historic Thermopyles and the statue of Leonidas, as well as the famous thermal spas.
In the opposite direction, 3 km from Lilaia, it is worth visiting Polydroso where the springs of Agia Eleousa are located, as well as the picturesque Ano Polydrosso, which is 10 km away. Continuing on this route you end up at Parnassus Ski Center.
Continuing the road from Polydrosos you will find the town of Amfiklia, where you can visit the Bakery Museum and in Apokries you can taste the 120-meter-long ‘kontosouvli’ baking across the central square. In Amfiklia there are slopes for paragliding and the ‘Parnassus path’ with two paths of 11 and 24 km. Going up to the ski center you will meet the monastery of Panagia Gavriotissa.
On a third route, starting from Lilaia and going up to Parnassus, you will find Eftalofos (Ano Agoriani), known for its waterfalls and its mountainous beauty, 10 km away. Continuing your journey you will eventually find yourself at the junction that once again leads to the Parnassus ski resort.
Two of the most popular destinations are Arachova, a massive winter attraction, 37klm away and Delphi with its long ancient history and world known archeological sites, 47klm away.